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Magic Wata

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Our first mist sprays for hydration and boost instantly hydrates & thickens from root to tips, plant-powered by botanicals including soothing Chamomile.

Mist over clean Locs or skin as part of your hair & facial routine for a gentle toner or simply as an all-over Loc and hair freshener or pick me up.

Locs tend to be dry Magic Wata is good for waking up you're locs/hair and re-hydrating them; used with THOS Loc Butter for moisture and THOS Loc oil to protect with sheen. You have the perfect trio for loc/hair care. 

Magic wata as part of your facial routine is also great but it can be used as a facial hydrator, toner, body spray, hair mist, scalp tonic, linen spray, pillow spray, and more. For external use only.


  • Thickens hair for a fuller style by expanding strands
  • Plant powered for hydration
  • Aloe helps with root rejuvenation
  • Chamomile helps to soothe

People tested - Cruelty-free


  • Spray on Magic Wata throughout from root to tips in sections for loose hair then comb through evenly. 
  • For Locs spray throughout then use fingers to massage into the ends, also use for loc retwist at the roots, start at the nape of the neck mist over the roots of locs, retwist using Loc butter and continue to the front of the head.
  • For toning the face, CLOSE EYES and mist over the face alternatively mist onto a cotton pad then gently tone the face.


Lavendula Angustifolia, Aloe Vera Juice, Anthemis Noblis (Chamomile floral water), Lavendula Oil and Sweet Orange Oil, and Olive Squalane that's it xoxo